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Friday, December 9, 2011


This weekend my Pastor, Craig Groeschel, spoke about the song O Holy Night and like he always does, made me think about things in a whole new way.  He spoke about the line in the song "a new and glorious morning" and how sometimes we need to keep the hope alive and make it through the night because tomorrow is always a new day.  Like so many other things in my life, it reminded me of all the pain of infertility and how having hope even in the darkest of nights, is so very important.  He also spoke about our hope being in Christ and how He is there for us by giving us the help we are seeking.  Even when God did not give me the answers I was seeking, He still gave me the hope for a new day and He comforted me through many long, lonely, dark nights.  Isn't it amazing how you can have the worst night and wake-up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to face whatever that day holds? I believe that having hope and knowing that tomorrow is a new day is very important at whatever stage you are in your infertility journey.  For my journey my hope is not to get pregnant, have a healthy pregnancy, or have a successful IVF process, but instead it is for us to be able to adopt the right child at the right time.  I hold onto and believe in this hope daily.  I also believe in something so much more important and bigger than me and that is Jesus Christ and His promises.  He is all I need, even when I feel I can't make it through another dark night.  Hold onto your hope and keep believing!